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Yael Gilboa

Awaken Your Body, Enliven Your Spirit

I'm a belly dancer and a choreographer; teacher and workshop instructor, of belly dance and body consciousness through movement.


When I move, my love of dance radiates from every step and every movement and my body moves are attuned to every chord and every note. 


I began my obsession with belly dancing about 18 years ago. I was looking for a framework of physical movement in which to dabble after long and tiresome work days. I found myself bowled over by the enchanting world Oriental and Middle Eastern belly dance. Within 5 months of taking my first steps in this newfound world, my teacher put me on the stage at the Jerusalem downtown pedestrian mall, and I have never looked back. By the end of that first year I had tailored a beautiful dance outfit for myself, although it took another 3 years before I felt comfortable enough to perform solo – which happened at the wedding of a friend.


Since then I have performed on the country’s best stages, from the Israel Museum through the Mann Auditorium and the Susan Dallal Center, and as a guest in other groups’ performances.  




Over time I developed my own unique style of teaching. I combine years of background as a tour guide and workshop moderator, and my experience in content research and multimedia, with the teaching of belly dancing and conscious movement.  Intertwined with this are my spiritual foundations in “The Artist’s Way” and “Yemima”. It all comes together magically in my lessons, workshops, lectures and performances.


I teach with passion and a sense of mission. I myself have experienced the formidable potential of dance to effect change in our connection to our bodies, femininity and our inner happiness – a satisfying change for all women.


Today I wear multiple hats: creative dancer, choreographer, lecturer on the history of eastern dance, and instructor of a workshop entitled “Intuitive Belly Dancing and Body Consciousness Through Movement

If you are looking for ideas to enliven a party, a special workshop or an interesting lecture, don't hesitate to contact me, and we shall explore the possibilities together.
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